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Key Features of Top VDR Providers


While searching for a VDR provider it is essential for businesses to take the time to analyze the various features each one offers and select the one that best suits their unique document sharing requirements. A quick Google search will provide a wide array of providers, ranging in price features, functionality, and ease-of-use. The right choice can save companies both money and headaches later on.

VDRs have become a commonplace to facilitate financial transactions as well as protecting sensitive documents. They have replaced the physical data rooms that were usually difficult to access and took a long time to complete. Businesses can securely share documents with third-party users (such investors or service providers, as well as other potential partners) via virtual data room software.

Some typical uses that make use of VDRs include M&A due diligence, fundraising and IPOs, however, they can be utilized in any situation where a company needs to share documents beyond the firewall. Many of these scenarios require the necessity of sharing documents with accountants, legal counsel and auditors, which could be difficult or impossible to do without a purpose-built VDR.

When evaluating VDRs ensure that the platform is user-friendly with a short learning period and a 24/7 customer support. Also, look for a vendor with strong security features and specific permission settings for various users and groups. Reporting capabilities are another aspect to think about. They include the capability to track user activities and a user interface that is streamlined, and real-time synchronized editing.